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An Introduction to Yoga – How to Get Started

Woman doing yoga at sunset

With yoga gaining popularity in the West, many people are jumping into the yoga market, hoping to make some quick cash exploiting the trend.

Because of this, tons of misinformation exists about the practice of yoga, and many beginners are confused about how to get started.

Here are some tips on how to start doing yoga the right way.

Learn Yoga From An Experienced Yogi

The first and foremost point to note is that you should try to learn yoga from an expert yoga teacher. Why go through this trouble? you may ask.

In yoga, when doing the many different postures, if you do them incorrectly you may end up injuring yourself, sometimes seriously and sometimes just enough to turn you against trying it ever again. Only an experienced teacher can guide you through the asanas properly and correct any of your wrong postures or movements. A good yoga teacher can also teach you how to exploit each asana to the fullest extent for the maximum benefit.

Acquire Knowledge of the Practice as well as Teachings

Yoga, though based on the same principle, has different styles and approaches. Basically, it consists of asanas, breathing techniques, meditation, relaxation exercises and chanting mantras.

When you begin to learn yoga, it may seem confusing with so many different asanas. Once you start to perform the yoga routine, with the help of a teacher, you will be able to identify each asana by its name. Yoga is a great way to exercise your body and keep it fit and healthy. It is completely safe, if done correctly, even for pregnant women. When you sprain your muscles or tear a ligament, yoga is a great way to get you back to normalcy. It is even found to help in healing faster.

Reap the Benefits

When you stretch your muscles and joints while doing asanas, the flexibility and strength of the body improves. It is a very good form of exercise for stiff joints, back ache, bad posture, digestive and circulatory problems. It loosens the body, improves stamina, and boosts the function of the endocrinal glands and immune system. The list of benefits from yoga is endless.

Study the Movements and Postures

The beginners start with easy postures like Savashana and Padmasana. These postures are easy to follow and perform. Once you get used to them, the instructor will move on to more complex asanas, which involve stooping, squatting, scrunching and crouching.

Asanas can be broadly divided into standing, sitting, balance, twisting and relaxation postures.

Standing asanas are helpful for gaining strength of legs and muscles in the lower half of the body. Sitting asanas are useful for hips and lower back. Asanas that necessitate balancing your body help improve your mental concentration. Postures that require you to twist and turn are good for overall body flexibility. Relaxation techniques calm you and bring in peace of mind and serenity.

Shop Around for the Perfect Fit for You

When you start your yoga classes, feel free to check the expertise and background of your instructor. A genuine expert is the most essential requirement for a yoga beginner. Some of instructors with certificates get them by attending short weekend camps. This is the most dangerous aspect of yoga. However, some of those who acquire these certificates become good yoga teachers later on, with their dedication and sincerity. Shop around a little, and never settle — your health, safety, and peace of mind may depend on it!

Yoga is an amazing activity that simultaneously gets your heart pumping and calms your mind. To avoid issues later on, it’s important to start learning yoga the right way from the very beginning.