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Best Cologne for Men in 2017

Choosing a cologne is a major decision — after all, the scent you choose determines how you're perceived by those around you. A woody cologne could indicate a manly man, whereas a citrus fragrance may indicate the sweet seductive power of self-confidence.

A man must choose a cologne that completes his personality and overall style. If done correctly, it can help him exude confidence and become practically irresistible.

Confident man smelling flowers

What follows a man picking the perfect cologne? You name it — world domination, business mastery, social prowess, endless romance... or at least just the knowledge that, regardless of his other imperfections, he smells great.

But there are a ton of men's cologne brands out there. How do you know which to pick?

We've put together a list of the top colognes for men to help you out, with a concise review of each for additional guidance.

Choosing the Best Cologne for You

There are particular types of colognes. That is, every cologne has a main type, which lay somewhere along the fragrance wheel, though there is significant variation and overlap between many fragrances.

Some of the most popular types of men's cologne are:

  • Woody
  • Citrus
  • Musky
  • Floral
  • Leather
  • Aromatic
  • Botanical

The trick when choosing a cologne is to try to select the cologne that embodies your personality and confidence in a scent. It's important to consider the occasions for which you'll wear the cologne as well as the time of year you plan on wearing it. For example, woody fragrances are more natural in cooler seasons and environments, while more citrus-oriented scents are better suited for warm weather.

With that said, there are no strict rules for wearing cologne, regardless of what some people might say. The best advice we can give is to read through our cologne reviews, select the one you think is the most you, and try it out.

So, without further ado, here's the list of the best cologne for men in 2017.

The Best Men's Cologne on the Market

Wearing a good cologne helps to accent your personal style. It heightens your attractiveness and can make you irresistible. Selecting a cologne can be difficult, but we're here to make it easier for you. These are the top colognes we have come across, with concise reviews for each brand's product.

1. Calvin Klein ETERNITY for Men

Calvin Klein Eternity cologne for men

This is a classic men's cologne that has stood the test of time. The brand, Calvin Klein, speaks for itself — and like the brand, this cologne oozes sex appeal.

With this cologne, you'll smell like an enticing combination of all the incredible smells of the great outdoors, along with undertones of citrus and other botanics. The scent is distinct and bold.

This is a very popular cologne for men, and for good reason. It's a high-quality brand producing a great product. You can't get a cologne much higher quality than this. For its lasting success, it has made the number one spot for the best men's cologne.


MONTBLANC Legend fragrance

MONTBLANC Legend for men is a great fragrance. It is a very masculine scent and was created for the "charismatic and contemporary" man.

Suggested use for maximum effectiveness is to make use of pulse points, such as behind the ears, on the wrists, and on your chest.

A very good cologne overall, created by the iconic Mont Blanc brand, with a great history of satisfied guys. The many positive reviews only highlight this.

A must-have for any virtuous and self-confident man.

3. BURBERRY Touch for Men

BURBERRY Touch for Men cologne

This eau de toilette by Burberry is made for guys with class. Burberry is a popular brand and they do not disappoint with their men's fragrance line.

Burberry Touch for Men is a fresh scent that is very distinct, with strong woodsy notes to bring about a strong sense of masculinity and poise.

This is a good cologne for men to try when they are tired of the standard colognes that are sold in department stores. You really can't go wrong with this fragrance by Burberry.

4. Calvin Klein OBSESSION for Men

Calvin Klein Obsession for Men Eau de Toilette

This is the second Calvin Klein cologne to earn a spot our top colognes list. Yes, their products are that good. This fragrance is spicy and exotic — a unique combination of woody and botanic scents.

According to Calvin Klein, Obsession was created for men who have boundless passion, both in work and/or romance. It is for the driven individual, the corporate executive, the man driven to succeed in all areas of life.

This cologne consistently receives great reviews, and many people who try it become longtime users. Like its Calvin Klein counterpart, this Eau De Toilette (i.e. fancy cologne) is a little pricier.

5. Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio

Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio cologne

This men's fragrance by Giorgio Armani was launched in 1996 and was very well-received by guys along the globe. It remains one of the most popular colognes for men today.

It has a very strong citrus under-body of orange, lemon, lime and mandarin, with botanical notes as well.

A good product, and it's a relatively cheap cologne as well. Give it a try if you are looking for a good cologne on a budget.

The Best Cologne is a Matter of Personal Taste

Providing a list of the best colognes for guys isn't easy because everybody has their own personal preferences and tastes. Some men may not like woodsy fragrance as much and may prefer more of a citrus scent. Or some guys may not like either of those and instead prefer the botanical and floral scents. Personally, I like the really musky colognes, which for whatever reason make me feel like more of a man. But, admittedly, colognes with musk are not for everyone.

So try out different colognes until you come across the one you really like. It really is a matter of personal taste. However, our hope is that this list of cologne reviews will help you on your journey to finding the right cologne for you.